Waskerley Way - La Magie Rouge

Image of Waskerley Way - La Magie Rouge


This is the first release on Ultra Friends Records - an EP by Waskerley Way called La Magie Rouge.

The track listing is as follows:

World Breaks Everyone
Storm Song
Go Hoam
True Damage
Hark, ‘tis th’ Beaste Coaste
Red Mage

These tracks were produced between April and August 2011 in Newcastle, England and find the Waskerley Way War Machine lamenting a summer that never really happened whilst looking to find something profound and remarkable in the everyday. Damaged and doctored samples from lost pop tunes of Senegal, Ghana, Ethiopia and Belgium play against squalls of My Bloody Valentine inspired guitar histrionics and rhythmic ideas borrowed from Steve Reich to make for oppressively dense jams that aim beyond the confines of bedrooms and clubs and into the silent places by the river, industrial estates at night.